Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Thought:

Pedicures. Totally worth the $20.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

THIS is my life...

So far, I've got to say that 2011 has been a rough ride on all fronts. Not going into the gritty details [because it's just depressing and who needs that kind of self-pity anyways, am I right?]. So instead I will tell you a funny story.

Today I walked in the doors at work [I work in a shabby old grocery store as a department head] and immediately see the vultures circling. So to speak. There were a few guys with blueprints [remodel starts in 2 weeks] and the VP of our company. [Now, a word about the VP. He has a reputation. The kind that makes you tread lightly around him and hope to God you aren't on his shit list.]  Anyhoo, I did a mental break down of my department at lightning speed, trying to remember if I left my department in good shape or not. It was. So then, silly me, I thought there was nothing to worry about.

Except that I got called to check (cashier) and, who do you think came through my line? That's right! The VP. The Vice President of the company. The man who I've heard scary stories about marching in and demanding peoples jobs in a very unsavory manner. I smiled and to my delight he teased me about my department and there was cheerful banter...until I screwed up his order.  He handed me cash, a $20, for about a $4 purchase. I--because God forbid I miss a chance to embarrass myself--hit the wrong button and had to call the store manager to come save me because I made a boo-boo that I didn't know how to fix. Mortifying.

Thankfully the VP was good humored about the whole thing [I was totally freaking out on the inside]. I half expected them to make me a bagger again.

This is all in true Amanda style. I'm not suave. I'm not cool and collected. Obviously. AND I babble when I'm nervous. God knows what I said to the man.

Oh well, can't undo it so might as well get over it. Tomorrow's another day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I haven't blogged in ages. So here's what's new:

  • I have moved in with the boyfriend. 
  • We have adopted a cute [if not quirky] red heeler named Sammy
  • I have been promoted on the work front. I now run my own department and stress way more about not being a super hero. 
  • I have gained back EVERY. LAST. POUND. That I lost. 
  • I am trying to get back on the Weight Loss Wagon because, well, I'm feeling a bit like a fat cow ;)