Monday, June 21, 2010

My Fabulous Weekend in a Nutshell

Saturday I scored a free ticket to see Star Wars in Concert, which was amazing. My inner nerd rejoiced. I'm thinking I need to watch them all in order now, which I've never done. (Nerd. Yeah.)

Then Sunday I went to my dad's house and made Eggs Benedict (Y.U.M.) and promptly ran off to have a kayaking adventure with my friends Sara and Denise.  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

We're so doing that again.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


(Denise, I stole this picture from you. Thanks, friend! Bwahaha.)

I've been slacking on the bloggage lately, largely due to the fact that my life is boring. However here are some tidbits. 

Yesterday I went to Farm Chicks with some friends. I just love looking at all the stuff and imagining what I would put in my own home if I didn't rent a tiny apartment. It's all just so cute!

I saw this mini survey on another blog and stole it. Feel free to do the same. I figured it would serve as sufficient fluff for my blog since I don't have anything truly scintillating to share today. 

1. If you were about to eat your last meal. What would it be?

Pizza. Fresh, take and bake pizza from Pappa Murphies. I'm lactose intolerant but at that point, why the heck not?

2. You got front row seats and backstage passes to your favorite music artist. Who would you want to see? 

This one's hard. Probably Aerosmith just because they are awesome and well, they are getting older. And Stephen Tyler keeps hurting himself. God only knows how long they're going to be able to keep on rockin'.

3. If you went back and did High School over. Would you change anything? Why?
I spent a lot of time in my own head in high school. I think if I could do it again I would be more outgoing in general. 

4. What's a movie you watched growing up that brings back memories of your childhood?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Wizard of Oz. 
Marry Poppins. 
The Little Mermaid. 

etc, etc.

5. Introvert or Extrovert? 

6. You can inherit one talent.... what would you choose? 
Telekinesis would be fun. 

7. What is your signature scent/perfume?
Bulgari Omina Crystalline
8. Are you a phone, email, text, and/or chat type of person?
email, phone and text in that order

Wow. That was thrilling!