Sunday, January 31, 2010


Denise took these with her Blackberry Friday night. Some of us have started meeting for a "sit and knit" at Hastings Hardback Cafe. People's reactions to seeing us knitting is always interesting. Some people are flat out fascinated ( I think a lot of people have never actually seen it done, I hadn't before I learned). Some are amused (and tease a little) and still others are knitters/crocheters themselves and as I mentioned before in another blog they tend to come visit and see what you're working on. 

I love it. ♥ 

Okay, now I have to confess something. I keep telling myself that every time I do it it will be the last time. But then I see another one I just can't wait to start and...well...I'm currently reading (in the middle of, actually) four different books. I know, it's sick. 

People ask me, "How do you keep them straight when you read that many books at a time?" The answer is simple. They are all so different as far as story line and the characters that I have no trouble keeping them seperate or remembering what's going on. Which is why it keeps happening. Oh well. Embrace it, that's what I think. 

Yep. Definite book nerd.
Oh well. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the Behemoth

the Behemoth

My grandmother bought this some time ago for a pretty penny and made it known that it was to be mine one day. I had no idea until my mother called me a few weeks ago and told me that my grandparents were moving and "downsizing" and that they were wondering if I could take the Behemoth now.

So after my mother gave me the dimensions of said beasty I aimlessly wandered around my small apartment trying to figure out where I was going to put it without subtracting furnature or blocking a window, door, outlet, or appliance. There was only one such place. The far corner of my living room, where it towers today thanks to help from my brother, uncle and cousin.

Now. What do I put in it? Because it is woefully empty.

I've never been a collector of anything because I get hung up on the functionality issue. What good is a box full of old coins or bookfulls of postage stamps? Fine China? It's pretty but not something I would use. It would sit around and collect dust.

I thought about starting to collect some antique or funky looking teapots ('cause they're pretty) but there's that whole functionality thing again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Early WTF Wednesday

Forgive me, I have been remiss. Today Denise informed me, in a very demanding concerned tone, that I needed to blog.

So here it is--prepare yourself! I decided to do a WTF Wednesday post even though it's tuesday (wtf?)

Item #1: WTF Facebook?

Suddenly everyone is on facebook. I don't know when it happened but even my parents have joined the webiverse [I just made that up. hah.] I'm even getting friend requests from people I don't really know.

For instance, yesterday I got a friend request from an old friend's boyfriend [did ya get that?] with whom I've maybe exchanged two sentences. She and I weren't even facebook friends until this point.

What is one to do in this instance? I work with his girlfiriend's mother [again, did you get that?] The way I see it I have two options, 1) ignore this person at the risk of being seen as an uppity be-otch OR 2) accept the friend request and hope they aren't cyber stalking me.

...So I accepted the friend request. Making friends shouldn't be this complicated, am I right?

Item #2: WTF Inventory People?

Denise and I get to have the pleasure of counting our abundant gm backstock in preperation for inventory for the second time this month (usually it's every 3 months) because the inventory crew that came into the store botched the job so bad that our District Manager sent them packing. Fabulous.

Item #3 WTF Knitters? (this is more of a cheer than a jeer)

When I took a knitting class this last spring the instructor mentioned something about approaching other knitters for help or to talk about knitting. This was not the first time I'd heard a knitter say something about just walking up to a stranger with needles and striking up a conversation. Which apparently is very common.

Behold, the power of yarn.

So a few weeks ago a friend and I were at Hastings Hard Back Cafe knitting and gossiping when a fabulous twenty-something (much like myself) walked up to us and started chatting about knitting and crocheting and the whole thing ended with us exchanging phone numbers and emails and making a knitting date.

Crazy. But fun.

Friday, January 8, 2010

the Dreaded Black Screen

Last night my computerscreen went all funny with black and white diagonal lines. I restarted it and got the same thing so I figured I'd shut it off and then it would be magically better in the morning. Nope. Now the screen is black and the tower was making a whirring sound like a revving engine. Not good. 

Fastforward to a panicked call to my computer nerd savvy dad who told me to clean out the fan etc. Still a black screen. God help me.

I have my laptop but my PC had all of my iTunes on it, which, of course, I have never backed up.

Initiating freak out sequence in 3...2...1...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Thought

I miss the sun. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I never make new years resolutions because I usually lack the conviction needed to follow through for an entire year. I'm thinking monthly resolutions might be more my speed.

Nevertheless, here's my general 2010 list:

I will continue working on being a healthier/happier me 

I will continue to lose weight and go down at least one pant size 

I will learn to crochet

I will spend more time outside/admiring the beauty of the world

I will walk Bloomsday

I will participate in NaNoWriMo even though it will make me crazy

I will not obsess about things I cannot control

Happy New Year