Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Early WTF Wednesday

Forgive me, I have been remiss. Today Denise informed me, in a very demanding concerned tone, that I needed to blog.

So here it is--prepare yourself! I decided to do a WTF Wednesday post even though it's tuesday (wtf?)

Item #1: WTF Facebook?

Suddenly everyone is on facebook. I don't know when it happened but even my parents have joined the webiverse [I just made that up. hah.] I'm even getting friend requests from people I don't really know.

For instance, yesterday I got a friend request from an old friend's boyfriend [did ya get that?] with whom I've maybe exchanged two sentences. She and I weren't even facebook friends until this point.

What is one to do in this instance? I work with his girlfiriend's mother [again, did you get that?] The way I see it I have two options, 1) ignore this person at the risk of being seen as an uppity be-otch OR 2) accept the friend request and hope they aren't cyber stalking me.

...So I accepted the friend request. Making friends shouldn't be this complicated, am I right?

Item #2: WTF Inventory People?

Denise and I get to have the pleasure of counting our abundant gm backstock in preperation for inventory for the second time this month (usually it's every 3 months) because the inventory crew that came into the store botched the job so bad that our District Manager sent them packing. Fabulous.

Item #3 WTF Knitters? (this is more of a cheer than a jeer)

When I took a knitting class this last spring the instructor mentioned something about approaching other knitters for help or to talk about knitting. This was not the first time I'd heard a knitter say something about just walking up to a stranger with needles and striking up a conversation. Which apparently is very common.

Behold, the power of yarn.

So a few weeks ago a friend and I were at Hastings Hard Back Cafe knitting and gossiping when a fabulous twenty-something (much like myself) walked up to us and started chatting about knitting and crocheting and the whole thing ended with us exchanging phone numbers and emails and making a knitting date.

Crazy. But fun.

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  1. I agree with facebook. Its creepy. -Sara