Friday, January 8, 2010

the Dreaded Black Screen

Last night my computerscreen went all funny with black and white diagonal lines. I restarted it and got the same thing so I figured I'd shut it off and then it would be magically better in the morning. Nope. Now the screen is black and the tower was making a whirring sound like a revving engine. Not good. 

Fastforward to a panicked call to my computer nerd savvy dad who told me to clean out the fan etc. Still a black screen. God help me.

I have my laptop but my PC had all of my iTunes on it, which, of course, I have never backed up.

Initiating freak out sequence in 3...2...1...


  1. Best of luck with your computer. We've all been there.
    Happy VGNO!

  2. I didn't get my VGNO post up this Friday, but I wanted to stop by and say hello and see what's going on tonight... Sorry to hear of your B A D news!


    Happy VGNO! Hope you get your computer running again and your weekend turns out great.

  3. Stopping by for a little belated VGNO action. Hope you are having a great weekend! (with the exception of your computer :(

  4. YIKES! I have a dead desktop with years worth of photos, not sure if they're all backed up and 600 fonts....don't even want to know how much someone is going to charge me to rescue my stuff! Good Luck!

    :) Hope you had a Happy VGNO!