Sunday, January 24, 2010

the Behemoth

the Behemoth

My grandmother bought this some time ago for a pretty penny and made it known that it was to be mine one day. I had no idea until my mother called me a few weeks ago and told me that my grandparents were moving and "downsizing" and that they were wondering if I could take the Behemoth now.

So after my mother gave me the dimensions of said beasty I aimlessly wandered around my small apartment trying to figure out where I was going to put it without subtracting furnature or blocking a window, door, outlet, or appliance. There was only one such place. The far corner of my living room, where it towers today thanks to help from my brother, uncle and cousin.

Now. What do I put in it? Because it is woefully empty.

I've never been a collector of anything because I get hung up on the functionality issue. What good is a box full of old coins or bookfulls of postage stamps? Fine China? It's pretty but not something I would use. It would sit around and collect dust.

I thought about starting to collect some antique or funky looking teapots ('cause they're pretty) but there's that whole functionality thing again.


  1. Everytime I look at that picture I am reminded of beauty and the beast. Scary, huh. I think the teapots ould be niffty...and technically, you could still use them. I could startyour collection off with a very orange, yellow and green one!

  2. Try the dancing china cabnet...i could see beasty dancing!

  3. Totally. Maybe I should name her.