Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Brother is Watching!

Anyone else notice that Facebook is getting a little Big Brotherish? I mean, all a crazy stalker would have to do is friend you on face book and they can even see where you live now if you have your home listed for the "where are you" tag. Luckily my boyfriend is a dork and put the wrong address down for home sweet home (in case anyone was thinking about stalking me). It even tells you what I pinned on pinterest and what music I listened to on iHeart radio. Creepy. 

No more logging into things with my facebook account...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Body Bug!

Today I received one of these babies:
Basically, it's a Body Bug. For those of you who don't watch the Biggest Loser and therefore have no idea what I'm talking about here's a little linky poo. Basically I wear it all day and night and then plug it into my computer and it tells me how many calories I burned during the day. You can also use the software to track your calories consumed and figure out if you "met your burn" or not. [More biggest loser slang. I love that show.]

I'm super excited about this because it will be a great tool for the whole making-my-ass-smaller process and also, it's just neato. I always wonder how many calories I burn during gym classes and workout dvds and heck, just walking around at work all day.

More on my new toy gadget later.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I refuse to work out when I'm sick. Right now I have a cold and can't breath through my nose, therefore I will not go to spin class tonight or do pretty much any working out whatsoever because I'm a weeny. Instead I'm going to do a load of laundry and watch this weeks episode of the Biggest Loser [addicted to this show].


It's been ages since I've blogged. I don't know where to even begin. How about with my new mission statement...

I don't know if anyone reads this and I don't really care. I mostly do it for fun. And now, to help keep myself on track. I am trying to get back on the weight loss wagon and it's a rough, bumpy bitch of a ride. I figure I should start blogging about it to hold myself accountable and sort of document the whole thing. It was a brilliant idea I had in the shower yesterday, ok?

My struggle:

Let's get real here. I have gained 50lbs in the last almost 2 years now and I'm not okay with it. I could be at my goal weight but instead I'm starting over. Its incredibly frustrating and I'm having a hard time letting it go and forgiving myself for what I've done to my body. I mean, hell, I threw out all my "fat clothes" and the only thing that fits me now is pretty much my work uniform and anything elastic in my wardrobe. It's bullshit. And it has to stop.

Valentines day was no help. There's been a lot of candy shoveling going on here, folks. It ends right now.