Sunday, January 31, 2010


Denise took these with her Blackberry Friday night. Some of us have started meeting for a "sit and knit" at Hastings Hardback Cafe. People's reactions to seeing us knitting is always interesting. Some people are flat out fascinated ( I think a lot of people have never actually seen it done, I hadn't before I learned). Some are amused (and tease a little) and still others are knitters/crocheters themselves and as I mentioned before in another blog they tend to come visit and see what you're working on. 

I love it. ♥ 

Okay, now I have to confess something. I keep telling myself that every time I do it it will be the last time. But then I see another one I just can't wait to start and...well...I'm currently reading (in the middle of, actually) four different books. I know, it's sick. 

People ask me, "How do you keep them straight when you read that many books at a time?" The answer is simple. They are all so different as far as story line and the characters that I have no trouble keeping them seperate or remembering what's going on. Which is why it keeps happening. Oh well. Embrace it, that's what I think. 

Yep. Definite book nerd.
Oh well. 

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