Thursday, June 19, 2014

Getting My Groove Back

Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic and found myself looking back at my old facebook pics and posts from my single and fabulous days. Let me just say that I love my life. I have an amazing husband and a 9 month old that's the coolest thing since sliced bread. BUT...I find myself in a slump. A rut. Feeling stagnant. So I've made myself a few promises and set a few goals in an attempt to go from frumpy to fabulous once again. Here it is:

  1. I will stop hiding in my husbands baggy t-shirts and will start buying cute clothes for my shape in my size. Up till now I've pretty much refused to buy clothes at this size, because I hope to God I won't be this big forever [insert little prayer here]. 
  2. I will start blow drying my hair and wearing make up again on a (almost) daily basis, even if it's just mascara and eye shadow. It makes me feel pretty. And I need that these days. 
  3. I will start trying to get back in shape. I miss the gym. I miss spin class and kickboxing. I miss rocking out to my tunes on my ipod while I did intervals on the elliptical. We cancelled our gym membership because we were just making a monthly donation. (I felt terribly guilty leaving my baby to go work out after already being gone all day at work.) For now, I will work on clearing out my workout space in the basement and start doing my workout dvd's. I think twice a week is realistic to start. 
  4. I will do my best to completely avoid the deli and bakery departments. I work in a grocery store and literally EVERYTHING is at my fingertips. I need to get my self control back in check. 
  5. I will forgive myself for getting here. I had a baby. It really is an amazing thing that my body did. It created life, carried it and gave birth. I knew going in my body would change. Ironically, I felt beautiful when I was pregnant and I actually lost weight during my pregnancy. But then I had my little man and started nursing which made me RAVENOUS all the time! That's when I gained it all back plus some. And boy is it sticking...
  6. I will start doing fun things again. Not that I don't love just hanging out at home with my guys but I miss painting, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. Those things were sort of on hold for a while but now it's time to start incorporating them into my life again. I need to reconnect with some friends that sort of got sidelined during the whole pregnancy/new mommy stage.
I suppose the trick to all of this is to find a way to balance it all ;)

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