Saturday, April 3, 2010

My New Roommates

So I have some new roommates. My place is pretty small but they don't seem to mind that. In fact, they've been moving the whole family in. Goody for me.

Yep. That's right. Carpenter ants.

Have I mentioned I don't like bugs?

It started with one or two ants [apparently they are the scouts for the colony] here and there and didn't think much of it. Until suddenly there were more, and more and more and they were getting bigger and bigger. My response was to declare war.

I bought ant bait/poison and sprayed *Raid around the window they seemed to find appealing [just so happens to be the window closest to my bed]. The next morning I woke up, rolled over and looked down at the floor where I found what looked like a small battlefield...little bodies everywhere. But they just kept coming.

Finally a few nights ago I decided I was losing the battle after I heard them falling from the window to the floor in the middle of the night and promptly relocated myself to the couch. I called my landlord the next day and he's evicting my roommates.

Good riddance!

*FYI an exterminator told me not to use Raid ever ever ever. It can make it harder to get rid of the problem.

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