Friday, December 25, 2009

Poetry and Peach Cobbler

These two poems were written by my grandmother. I couldn't decide between them so I put them both. 

Reincarnation (1963)

I have loved you through
the endless corridors of time,
as far away as memory can reach.
Measureless, eternal beatings
of some ancient heart are binding
each to everlasting each.

And when the white-capped waves
have ceased to hurl themselves
against the shore,
my immortal self will love you
still the same,
because I cannot love you more.

What does God Do? (1938)

What does God do
during the day?
He counts his silver
and stores it away.

What does he do
all through the night?
He counts his gold
and locks it up tight.

What does he do with
his silver and gold?
Why, he gives it to you
all you can hold.

He counts it all out
day by day and gives
it to angels to
scatter away.

To ripen the fruit
and richen the soil,
to gladden the hearts
of men who toil.

To urge all the buds
to hurry and bloom,
to stream through the window
of a poor garret room.

To nourish the wheat
into ripe golden grain.
It streams down the mountains
and floods on the plains.

And deep in the shade
helps the grasses grow taller.
On each leaf in the forest
shines one silver dollar.

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  1. The poetry is fantastic! Also, I may have to try that peach cobbler because it looks YUM-O!