Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Early Morning Shenanigans

I currently have a friend staying with me a few weeks while she's looking for her own place. I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment so this means she's sleeping in the living room. This morning I had to work at Dark'o'clock and I made darn sure that my coffee pot was set to go off and be ready for me when I crawled made my way to the kitchen.

I grabbed my enormous plastic coffee mug [about 32 oz., no joke] and filled it by the light of my refrigerator so as not to wake my guest. From there I tip-toed to the bathroom [did I mention it was dark] thinking 'Wow, it would really suck if I dropped this...'

And then...guess what I did.

I. Dropped. My. Coffee.

Just as I was about to set it on the bathroom counter I lost my grip [or something?] and fumbled, trying to catch it [which of course made it worse]. Luckily most of the coffee fell into the sink and down the drain but because I fumbled trying to catch it in my zombie-like stupor surprise, it had splattered all over the walls, sink, toilette, bathtub and my floor. And I giggled. How could I not?

I asked my friend later if she heard any of the commotion and she hadn't, she'd been dead asleep. Figures.

Note to Self, hold coffee with both hands next time.

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  1. This is just too funny! I'm picturing it in my mind....