Sunday, August 30, 2009

Soaring Part 1

For graduation my dad bought me a gift certificate for the Spokane Soaring Society. You sit in a little glider plane that's towed up about 3000 feet or so and then release to ride the air currents. It was pretty awesome. (At least until my stomach had had enough, which is weird for me. I NEVER get car sick or motion sickness.) I didn't actually get sick but I was feeling queasy enough that the pilot headed back sooner than we otherwise would have.

Still, absolutely a memorable experience. Thanks Dad!

Here's some pictures I took. I'll be getting more from my dad in the next few days of me in/next to the glider.

This is the plane that towed us up.
This is the glider I rode in.
The Cockpit
The view

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  1. You survived! Im so glad! The pics are great!