Thursday, August 6, 2009

This and That

Things I don’t understand:

• Men in kilts
• Why most women absolutely cannot put on mascara with their mouth shut
but I can [maybe it’s my super power]
• People that wear flip-flops in sub-freezing temperatures

• Why I always seem to lose chap stick before I use it all up
• How ladybugs get into my apartment

• Infomercials

• The phrase: “For Pete’s sake!” Who is Pete?

• Leg/arm warmers

• What happened to the other sock [one of life’s greatest mysteries]

• Boys in skinny jeans…why?

• Why later shifts feel longer


Today my official Bachelor's degree arrived. [Hurray!] And for the record, it's prettier than I thought it would be. Imagine my horror then to discover that I do not have a frame it will fit into.


It's been pretty hot in these here parts but today, just now, it's raining! This is good news for the grass/plant life, those of us with allergies, and those of us who love the smell of rain. There also is an accompanying light show and what my family calls "Thunder-Boomers."

So...I'm gonna go watch for lightning.


  1. Cute blog! Love the design and the sunflowers.
    Happy GNO! :)

  2. I want it to rain! I love the rain. And just yesterday my daughter asked why my mouth is open when I put on mascara. Weird...

    Heck...I don't even know why women wear skinny jeans. So few of them actually look good in them.

  3. Can you please send some rain our way? I know, we got a lot last week with storms, but now it's been HOT and we could stand to get some so it'll cool down...and save me the work of watering everything... ;)

    Happy VGNO! :)