Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Today I had an interesting conversation with my all-time favorite customer at work, Nan Something-or-rather. (I know I shouldn't play favorites but it's true.) She's the sort of person you always walk away from feeling good after a conversation, no matter how brief. Unbeknown to her, she is the one that got me to start knitting [which I now love] and she's handed me all kinds of little nuggets of wisdom over the six years I've had my job.

Today Nan was smiling and bursting with happy, bouncing around like a kid while she told me in a singsong voice that she was in love. A little background about Nan, she's sixty-something and very independent. In her own way, she reminds me that its okay to be a happily single, independent woman. Which may sound funny, but sometimes I forget.

She went on and on about how wonderful this man was and how much they had in common [they are in the same *Gold-Wing club] and I couldn't help but grin along with her. Because, as she said, there's hope for everyone. Our society has this idea that once you hit a certain age you'd better be paired up or else. Apparently that's crap. Good to know.

*A Gold-Wing is a kind of Harley. Yes, Nan rides a Harley. Which she loves more than she has ever loved or probably will ever love any man. [I can't help but admire her for this, because I'm too chicken to ride unless as a passenger.]

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