Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

Recently the two coke machines in the back of the store have been removed due to our Coke vendors neglecting the machines [Either the machines didn't work or they were out of everything. Always.] And I rarely, if ever, drink pop [soda, sodapop, depending on where you live] for a variety of reasons [the sugar, the calories, the way it strips the enamel off your teeth, the link to obesity and problems with bone density, etc.] and I found that I really didn't miss it. Oh, I'd have a Dr.Pepper now and then but only on rare occasion. I'm more interested in coffee for my caffeine fix. I love coffee like a fat kid loves cake.

But then, the coke machine was gone. Suddenly I had Coca Cola on the brain. I've been craving it ever since, I even had a dream about it last night. So today at lunch I bought one of the 20oz. bottles for $1.61 and drank [almost] the entire 240 calories of it. Which is saying something because normally I'm a terrible pop-drinker. I'm the type that will open a can, drink half, and throw the rest away.

I think it's that whole forbidden fruit thing.


  1. I'm one of those fat kids that likes cake! Yum!

  2. I am also a bad soda(so called in my area)drinker. My husband is always getting on me for leaving half drinken (is that a word?) cans around, but I love the stuff, just in small doses.