Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Fact Friday

French kissing involves all 34 muscles in the face. A pucker kiss involves only two.

On a different note, I had an optometrist appointment last Wednesday. Is it me, or is it kind of stressful? They're asking you all these crazy questions "Which is better, 1, 2, or 3?" or "How about now? and now?" I felt like I was back in school and the professor was messing with my head.

Apparently I passed the test though, I got my prescription for contacts renewed. Yes!


  1. Stopping by from Ann's VGNO to say hello! Love your randomness!

    Very interesting fact you were able to find about kissing. Who would have guessed. And yes, I feel the exact same way when going to the optometrist!

  2. Cute blog!
    Stopping by from Ann's. Happy GNO! :)

  3. So is French Kissing considered a workout?

    Happy VGNO!

  4. I hate going to the eye doctor. it seems option A & option B always look about the same!

    Hope you had a great VGNO!

  5. Finally stopping by for a VERY belated VGNO!