Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day Peeps

People react differently to the singles of the world. Me, being 24, fabulous, and therefore "of a marriageable age" and in my "childbearing years" [did I miss the memo? When did this happen?] I suddenly find myself being pitied, envied, and/or suspected of foul-play because of my single status. Valentines day tends to magnify this effect. And while most of the time I'm perfectly happy being single [or not, it's all good] I find myself feeling defensive on V-day. 

No. I don't have a date for valentines day. People often take a second to gauge your reaction when you tell them this. Some of them are even brazen enough to ask "Really? Why don't you have a boyfriend?" Seriously? I'm too young to be a spinster, this isn't the 18th century. We'll reassess the situation in about another 16-20 years, k?

So, seeings as I am free today and it's the lovey, dovey, hallmark holiday of couples, I figured my options were these:

1. Party Like a Rock Star
2. Sit Around Pining for a Boyfriend With A Pint of Ben & Jerry's
3. Pretend It's Just Another Day

Now. There are some problems with these possibilities. 

1. A) I'm not drinking much these days--it's expensive and a lot of empty calories and I'm trying to lose weight. 
    B) All the other good stuff is "illegal" 
   C) I have to work in the morning

2. A) I'm really not the pining type
    B) I'm especially not the pining type when it comes to men, my pride gets in my way
    C) I'm lactose intolerant anyways

So that leaves me with option C. Awesome. I'm going to go see a chick flick with a friend of mine who has forsaken the men in her life to have some girl time and pretend that today is not a hallmark invented holiday to rub my singleness in my face. 


  1. Hey, that was my Valentines ritual too! Chick flicks with the girl friends is always good, whether it be Valentines Day or not. Screw the expectations, girl, you're good to go! Que sera sera :)

    I'm a fan of how you write and I'm following your blog! Check out mine if you've the time (though my Valentines was a little Hallmarkish). Hehe.

  2. Just wanted you to know that I don't pity you because you are single. I pity you because you aren't as fabulous as myself.